The “Super Energy Saver” Classroom Kit

The “Super Energy Saver” classroom kit contains all the materials your students need to become “Super Energy Savers!”

Super Energy Saver Checklist Take home checklist for children and parents to identify ways to become more energy efficient.  Super Energy Saver CertificateSuper Energy Saver Certificate
Super Energy Saver Certificate After completing their checklist, each child receives a "Super Energy Saver" certificate signed by CFL CharlieTM.         
 Super Energy Saver Activity Sheet Fun activities to teach children about energy, energy efficiency and electrical safety. Download a zipped file of all activity sheets  
Super Energy Saver FolderSuper Energy Saver Folder Folders featuring energy saving and electrical safety tips.      
 Super Energy Saver Poster This poster can be placed in the classroom to help remind children about electrical safety and energy efficiency.  

Please note that the materials provided feature registered and non-registered copyrights and trademarks. Touchstone Energy ® Cooperatives, Inc has granted permission to reproduce these materials for use in the classroom. Any other, non-educational or commercial use of the materials, including the CFL Charlie™ image contained in these materials, requires the prior, written permission of Touchstone Energy ® Cooperative, Inc.