get to know cfl charlie

Now that you know all about his best friend LED Lucy, learn a bit about CFL Charlie!

What Makes CFL Bulbs Different?

CFL Bulbs are different from incadescent bulbs because they don't have a filament like regular bulbs. They work by putting an electric current through a mix of gases in a tube. When the electrical current goes through the gases, it creates a reaction that creates visible light.

Because they don't have to heat a piece of filament like a regular incadescent bulb, they use far less energy - 75% less than an incadescent! They also last much longer - an average of 9 years!

Always be safe when around CFL bulbs - if they break, get an adult! Also, even though it's cooler than an incadescent bulb, never touch the spirals or the lamp of a bulb!


Where in the world is CFL Charlie?

Find out here! Track CFL Charlie around the world and see if he's headed to your neck of the woods.


September 11                Buckeye Power                         Columbus, OH

September 14                Rock Energy Cooperatives       Janesville, WI

September 14                Cumberland EMC                      Clarksville, TN       

September 21                Cullman Electric Cooperative    Cullman, AL

September 26                Cotton Electric Cooperative       Walters, OK

September 28                Medina Electric Cooperative      Hondo, TX

September 28                Choctawhatchee Electric           DeFuniak Springs, FL


October 9                       Jo-Carroll Energy                       Elizabeth, IL

October 11                     Wood County Electric                Quitman, TX

October 12                     GreyStone Power                      Douglasville, GA

October 26                     United Cooperative Services     Burleson, TX